Academic Catalog 2018-2019 
    Dec 18, 2018  
Academic Catalog 2018-2019

All Courses

Course Type Prefix
Continuing Education CE
Clinical Mental Health Counseling CMHC
Couples/Marriage and Family Therapy CMFT
Education EDU
Educational Leadership for Change ELC
Human and Organizational Development HOD
Infant and Early Childhood Development IECD
Media Psychology MSC
Neuropsychology NEPSY
Organizational Development and Leadership ODL
Psychology PSY
Research RES




   •  PSY-629A4 Practicum Case Seminar: Psychodynamic
   •  PSY-629B1 Practicum Case Seminar: Cognitive/Behavioral
   •  PSY-629B2 Practicum Case Seminar: Cognitive/Behavioral
   •  PSY-629B3 Practicum Case Seminar: Cognitive/Behavioral
   •  PSY-629B4 Practicum Case Seminar: Cognitive/Behavioral
   •  PSY-629C1 Practicum Case Seminar: Humanistic/Experiential
   •  PSY-629C2 Practicum Case Seminar: Humanistic/Experiential
   •  PSY-629C3 Practicum Case Seminar: Humanistic/Experiential
   •  PSY-629C4 Practicum Case Seminar: Humanistic/Experiential
   •  PSY-630 Clinical Assessment Practicum
   •  PSY-631 Qualifying Exam
   •  PSY-632A Internship Qualification Evaluation
   •  PSY-632B Internship Qualification
   •  PSY-633 Oral Review of Dissertation
   •  PSY-637 Dissertation Research
   •  PSY-638 Dissertation in Progress
   •  PSY-639 Dissertation Completion
   •  PSY-640 Asmt- Anger Assessment
   •  PSY-642 Asmt- Introduction to Child Assessment
   •  PSY-643 Asmt- Forensic Evaluation Report
   •  PSY-644 Asmt- NEPSY
   •  PSY-645 Asmt- Principles of Report Writing
   •  PSY-645A Asmt- Beginning Principles of Psychological Reporting
   •  PSY-646 Asmt- Cultural Sensitivity in Psy Assessment
   •  PSY-647 Asmt- Introduction to Infant Assessment
   •  PSY-648 Asmt- Clinical Pediatric Psychology
   •  PSY-675B Asmt- Introduction to WAIS Interpretation
   •  PSY-676A Asmt- Neuropsychological Screening
   •  PSY-677 Asmt- Introduction to Neuropsychological Assessment
   •  PSY-678 Asmt- Halstead-Reitan Battery
   •  PSY-680 Research Practicum: Clinical Psychology
   •  PSY-681 Asmt- Competency Assessment
   •  PSY-682 Asmt- Advanced Topics in Neuropsychology
   •  PSY-683 Asmt- Advanced Cognitive Assessment
   •  PSY-684 Asmt- Executive Functions
   •  PSY-685 Research Practicum: Media Psychology
   •  PSY-689 Asmt- Memory Assessment
   •  PSY-695 Clinical Practicum
   •  PSY-695A Additional Clinical Practicum Hours
   •  PSY-695B Additional Clinical Practicum Hours
   •  PSY-695C Additional Clinical Practicum Hours
   •  PSY-696 Clinical Internship
   •  PSY-697 Specialized Clinical Training
   •  PSY-699 Residency Hours Completion
   •  PSY-701A Research Methods I
   •  PSY-701B Research Methods II
   •  PSY-702 Developmental Bases of Behavior
   •  PSY-703 History and Systems of Psychology
   •  PSY-704 Theories of Personality
   •  PSY-705 Social Bases of Behavior
   •  PSY-706 Cognitive and Affective Bases of Behavior
   •  PSY-707 Biological Bases of Behavior
   •  PSY-708 Psychopathology
   •  PSY-709 Legal, Ethical and Professional Practice
   •  PSY-710A Clinical Interviewing
   •  PSY-710B Cognitive Assessment
   •  PSY-710C Objective Assessment
   •  PSY-710D1 Projective Personality Assessment: Introduction to the Rorschach Coding
   •  PSY-710D2 Projective Personality Assessment: Advanced Coding and Administration
   •  PSY-710E Projective Assessment: Thematic Apperception Test
   •  PSY-710F Cognitive Behavioral Assessment
   •  PSY-710G Integrated Assessment
   •  PSY-711A1 Introduction to Psychotherapy: Theory
   •  PSY-711A2 Introduction to Psychotherapy: Technique
   •  PSY-711B Research in Psychotherapy
   •  PSY-712 Multicultural Psychology
   •  PSY-715A Psychometric Theory
   •  PSY-716A Statistical Methods
   •  PSY-717 Multivariate Statistics
   •  PSY-718 Qualitative Data Analysis Software
   •  PSY-719 Quantitative Data Analysis Software
   •  PSY-720 Special Topics in Research
   •  PSY-721 Special Topics in Statistics
   •  PSY-723 Qualitative Research
   •  PSY-724A Mind in Technology
   •  PSY-724B Media and Social Psychology
   •  PSY-724C Narratives, Symbols and Imagery in Media
   •  PSY-724D Media and Political Psychology
   •  PSY-724E Media Literacy and Social Impacts of Technology
   •  PSY-725 Special Topics in Cognitive and Affective Bases of Behavior
   •  PSY-726 Special Topics in Biological Bases of Behavior
   •  PSY-727 Psychopharmacology
   •  PSY-727L Seminar in Psychopharmacology
   •  PSY-728 Neuropsychology
   •  PSY-729 Special Topics in Neuropsychology
   •  PSY-730 Neuroanatomy
   •  PSY-731 Health Psychology
   •  PSY-731A Diversity Issues in Health Psychology
   •  PSY-731B Health Behavior Change
   •  PSY-731C Health Psychology Focus on Intervention with Chronic Medical Conditions
   •  PSY-731D Pharmacology in Integrated Health Settings
   •  PSY-731E Applied Psychophysiology & Biofeedback
   •  PSY-731F Pediatric Health Psychology
   •  PSY-732 Special Topics in Health Psychology
   •  PSY-733 Language
   •  PSY-734 Neurological Disorders
   •  PSY-735 Special Topics in Developmental Psychology
   •  PSY-736 Special Topics in Social Psychology
   •  PSY-737 Special Topics in Personality Theories
   •  PSY-738 Special Topics in Psychopathology

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