Academic Catalog 2018-2019 
    Dec 12, 2018  
Academic Catalog 2018-2019

All Courses

Course Type Prefix
Continuing Education CE
Clinical Mental Health Counseling CMHC
Couples/Marriage and Family Therapy CMFT
Education EDU
Educational Leadership for Change ELC
Human and Organizational Development HOD
Infant and Early Childhood Development IECD
Media Psychology MSC
Neuropsychology NEPSY
Organizational Development and Leadership ODL
Psychology PSY
Research RES



Human and Organizational Development

   •  HOD-883CP Advanced Research Methodologies: Critical Participatory Action Research
   •  HOD-883EH Advanced Research Methodologies: Ethnography
   •  HOD-883GT Advanced Research Methodologies: Grounded Theory
   •  HOD-883LR Advanced Research Methodologies: Liberatory Research
   •  HOD-883NI Advanced Research Methodologies: Narrative Inquiry
   •  HOD-883PG Advanced Research Methodologies: Phenomenography and Variation
   •  HOD-883PH Advanced Research Methodologies: Phenomenology
   •  HOD-883QA Advanced Research Methodologies: Advanced Qualitative Methods
   •  HOD-883ST Advanced Research Methodologies: Advanced Quantitative Methods
   •  HOD-883WC Advanced Research Methodologies: World Cafe
   •  HOD-890 HD Comprehensive Assessment
   •  HOD-891 ODC Comprehensive Assessment
   •  HOD-892 HD Dissertation Seminar
   •  HOD-893 ODC Dissertation Seminar
   •  HOD-896 Dissertation Pilot Study
   •  HOD-897 Dissertation in Progress
   •  HOD-898 Final Oral Review of Dissertation
   •  HOD-899 Dissertation Completion

Infant and Early Childhood Development

   •  IECD-PA Dissertation Proposal Approval
   •  IECD-499 Foundations of Doctoral Study - Reflective Adult Learning
   •  IECD-520 Human Development
   •  IECD-521 Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health
   •  IECD-522 Sensory-Motor Development
   •  IECD-523 Language Development
   •  IECD-524 Developmental Disabilities
   •  IECD-526 Cross-Cultural Understanding
   •  IECD-527 Law, Policy and Advocacy
   •  IECD-528 Sensory-Motor Intervention
   •  IECD-529 Language Intervention
   •  IECD-531 Maltreatment Trauma and Loss
   •  IECD-536 Statistics I
   •  IECD-537 Research and Design
   •  IECD-538 Statistics II/Practice
   •  IECD-539 Qualitative Research/Practice
   •  IECD-550 Social-Emotional Development
   •  IECD-551 Social-Emotional Development Intervention
   •  IECD-561 Infant Mental Health Intervention and Practices
   •  IECD-562 Educational and Cognitive Development
   •  IECD-563 Educational and Cognitive Development Intervention
   •  IECD-564 Visual Spatial Processing Development
   •  IECD-565 Visual Spatial Processing Development Intervention
   •  IECD-566 Family Systems Theory and Functioning
   •  IECD-567 Family Systems Theory and Functioning Intervention
   •  IECD-568 Introduction to Brain Development
   •  IECD-569 Individual Differences and Developmental Psychopathology
   •  IECD-570 Integrated Developmental Approach to Assessment
   •  IECD-571 Assessment of Children and Families
   •  IECD-572 Integrated Developmental Approach to Intervention
   •  IECD-573 Advanced Integrated Approach to Intervention
   •  IECD-574 Intervention in Practice
   •  IECD-575 Introduction to Reflective Practice/Supervision
   •  IECD-576 Observing Babies I
   •  IECD-577 Observing Babies II
   •  IECD-578 Developmental Needs of High Risk Newborns and Young Infants and their Families
   •  IECD-579 Advanced Brain Development During Infancy
   •  IECD-580 Theory and Practice of DIR/Floortime
   •  IECD-581 Reflective Practice/Supervision
   •  IECD-582 Advanced Reflective Practice/Supervision
   •  IECD-583 A Practitioner’s Toolkit: Reflective Practice and Techniques
   •  IECD-584 Emotional Development, Cognitive Evolution, and Disruptive Behavior
   •  IECD-585 Self-Regulation, Executive Functions, & School Readiness
   •  IECD-586 Brain Development and Classroom Functioning
   •  IECD-587 Active Professionals, Case Studies: Learning through Applying Core Material to Real World Situations
   •  IECD-588 Neuroscience Foundations of Infant Development and Mental Health
   •  IECD-589 Specialization Area
   •  IECD-590 Independent Study
   •  IECD-599 Capstone Project
   •  IECD-700 Comprehensive Essay
   •  IECD-734 Dissertation Research
   •  IECD-794 Dissertation in Progress
   •  IECD-795 Final Oral Review of Dissertation
   •  IECD-799 Dissertation Completion

Media Psychology

   •  MSC-549 Psychology of Technology
   •  MSC-551 Introduction to Media Psychology
   •  MSC-552 Global Psychology: Social Marketing in a Borderless World
   •  MSC-553 Story Psychology: Changing Minds through Narrative
   •  MSC-554 Foundations of Research
   •  MSC-555 Positive Psychology and the Social Entrepreneur
   •  MSC-557 Media and Political Psychology: Propaganda and Persuasion
   •  MSC-558 The Power of Image: Persuasion, Place, and Identity
   •  MSC-560 The Psychology of Social Media Strategy
   •  MSC-562 Innovation, Learning and Online Education
   •  MSC-563 Immersive Technology: Augmented Reality
   •  MSC-564 Argumentation: The Art of Critical Writing
   •  MSC-566 Brand Psychology and Transmedia Storytelling
   •  MSC-567 The Psychology of Neuromarketing
   •  MSC-568 Audience Engagement
   •  MSC-569 Introduction to Consumer Neuroscience
   •  MSC-570 Special Topics
   •  MSC-601 Media Psychology Capstone Project


   •  NEPSY-825 Neuroanatomy and Brain-Behavior Relationships
   •  NEPSY-826 Neuropsychological Disorders
   •  NEPSY-827 Methods and Principles of Neuropsychological Assessment
   •  NEPSY-830 Neuropsychological Assessment of Neurological Disorders
   •  NEPSY-831 Neuropsychological Assessment of Psychiatric Disorders
   •  NEPSY-832 Neuropsychological Assessment of Developmental Disorders
   •  NEPSY-836 Final Professional Evaluation
   •  NEPSY-889 Clinical Case Conference Continuance
   •  NEPSY-892 Clinical Case Conference
   •  NEPSY-893 Clinical Experience

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