Academic Catalog 2018-2019 
    May 25, 2019  
Academic Catalog 2018-2019
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PSY-711A2 Introduction to Psychotherapy: Technique

1 semester credits
This two-day, in-person seminar focuses on the development of basic psychotherapy skills. As a precursor to clinical practica, students learn generic therapy skills through role play exercises. Content includes basic interviewing and relationship building skills, managing client engagement and resistance, as well as awareness of self in the context of the therapy relationship. Legal and ethical issues such as contracting, record-keeping, and other practical information are discussed. The impact of the cultural context on the psychotherapy relationship is addressed.  
Pre-requisites: PSY-711A1  
Delivery Method: Blended
Grading Default: Credit/No Credit Only
Learning Outcome(s):  

  1. Be familiar with and practice psychotherapy skills related to building a therapeutic alliance in the context of the three phases of treatment: initiation, action, and termination. 
  2. Be familiar with contracting, ethical practice, and record keeping.
  3. Be self-aware of cultural influences and how they impact the therapeutic relationship.

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