Academic Catalog 2018-2019 
    Dec 12, 2018  
Academic Catalog 2018-2019

All Courses

Course Type Prefix
Continuing Education CE
Clinical Mental Health Counseling CMHC
Couples/Marriage and Family Therapy CMFT
Education EDU
Educational Leadership for Change ELC
Human and Organizational Development HOD
Infant and Early Childhood Development IECD
Media Psychology MSC
Neuropsychology NEPSY
Organizational Development and Leadership ODL
Psychology PSY
Research RES



Other Courses

   •  RES-IRB IRB Approval for Dissertation

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

   •  CMHC-501 Introduction to Clinical Mental Health Counseling
   •  CMHC-502 Counseling Theories
   •  CMHC-503 Professional Identity: Ethics and Legal Issues in Counseling
   •  CMHC-504 Introduction to Counseling Skills and Techniques
   •  CMHC-505 Development Over the Lifespan
   •  CMHC-506 Multicultural Counseling and Inclusive Diversity
   •  CMHC-507 Diagnosis and Assessment
   •  CMHC-508 Group Counseling: Theory and Practice
   •  CMHC-509 Addictive Disorders
   •  CMHC-510 Career Development
   •  CMHC-511 Research in Counseling and Development
   •  CMHC-512 Psychopathology: Etiology and Treatment
   •  CMHC-515 Residency I: Interviewing
   •  CMHC-516 Residency II: Advanced Skill Development
   •  CMHC-517 Residency III: Fieldwork Prep
   •  CMHC-520 Practicum
   •  CMHC-521 Counseling with Latinx Individuals
   •  CMHC-522 Interviewing Skills with Latinx Individuals, Couple and Families
   •  CMHC-523 Treatment Issues and Interventions with Latinx Individuals, Couples and Families
   •  CMHC-524 Counseling with African American/Black Heritage Individuals
   •  CMHC-525 Interviewing Skills with African American/Black Heritage Individuals, Couples and Families
   •  CMHC-526 Treatment Issues and Interventions with African Americans
   •  CMHC-527 Working with LGBTQQIA+ Individuals
   •  CMHC-528 Working with LGBTQQIA+ Couples and Families
   •  CMHC-529 Working within LGBTQQIA+ Communities
   •  CMHC-530 Child and Adolescent Counseling
   •  CMHC-531 Prevention and Consultation
   •  CMHC-532 Couple and Family Counseling and Therapy
   •  CMHC-533 Trauma-Related Counseling and Therapy
   •  CMHC-534 Human Sexuality
   •  CMHC-540A Internship I
   •  CMHC-540B Internship II

Continuing Education

   •  CE-538 Hidden Forensic Evaluations
   •  CE-555 Fielding Conclave Leadership Academy
   •  CE-556 Leadership Fellows Professional Development Residency Program
   •  CE-764 Hosting World Cafes: The Fundamentals

Couples/Marriage & Family Therapy

   •  CMFT-551 Foundations of Relational/ Systemic Practice
   •  CMFT-552 Professional Identity: Legal and Ethical Issues in MFT
   •  CMFT-553 Human Development and Therapy Across the Family Life Cycle
   •  CMFT-554A Family Therapy Theory I
   •  CMFT-554B Family Therapy Theory II
   •  CMFT-555 Diversity and Social Justice in Marriage and Family Therapy
   •  CMFT-556 Couples Therapy
   •  CMFT-557 Psychopathology, Systemic Diagnosis and Assessment
   •  CMFT-558 Clinical Treatment with Families
   •  CMFT-559 Addictive Disorders
   •  CMFT-560 Research Methods in Marriage and Family Therapy
   •  CMFT-561 Trauma Intervention Models for Children, Couples and Families
   •  CMFT-562 Clinical Treatment with Children & Adolescents
   •  CMFT-563 Residency I: Interviewing
   •  CMFT-564 Residency II: Advanced Skill Development
   •  CMFT-565 Residency III: Fieldwork Prep
   •  CMFT-570 Introduction to Medical Family Therapy
   •  CMFT-571 Medical Family Therapy Theory, Practice and Research
   •  CMFT-572 Illness, Disability, Death and Dying Across the Lifespan
   •  CMFT-573 Interventions in Medical Family Therapy
   •  CMFT-574 Counseling Black Couples
   •  CMFT-575 Therapy with African American Children and Adolescents
   •  CMFT-576 Therapy with Black Families
   •  CMFT-583 Private Practice Basics
   •  CMFT-584 Licensure and Regulation
   •  CMFT-585 Managing Medicaid Billing and Payments
   •  CMFT-589 Pre-Practicum
   •  CMFT-590 Practicum I
   •  CMFT-591 Practicum II: Concentration
   •  CMFT-592 Practicum III: Concentration


   •  EDU-500 Online Learning and Community
   •  EDU-550 Building Capacity Through Research
   •  EDU-552 Collaborative Instructional Leadership
   •  EDU-553 Community, Shared Values and Learning
   •  EDU-554 Understanding Differences: Valuing, Honoring, Supporting and Celebrating Diversity
   •  EDU-556 Technology, Communication and Learning
   •  EDU-558 Empowerment: Learning and Assessment
   •  EDU-559A Guided Practice/Internship
   •  EDU-559B Guided Practice/Internship
   •  EDU-559C Guided Practice/Internship
   •  EDU-564 Learning, Curriculum and Assessment in the Digital Age
   •  EDU-565 Facilitating Innovative Learning with Digital Tools
   •  EDU-566 Designing Digital Learning Experiences
   •  EDU-567 Assessing Learning Online
   •  EDU-568 Digital Tools for Innovative Learning
   •  EDU-569 Digital Competencies for the Scholar/Practitioner
   •  EDU-570 Special Topics
   •  EDU-571 Using Digital Education to Promote Social Justice and Diversity
   •  EDU-581 Educational Research in the Digital Environment
   •  EDU-582 Leading Innovative Educational Practice
   •  EDU-583 Digital Citizenship
   •  EDU-584 Instructional Media Production
   •  EDU-585 Program Evaluation
   •  EDU-600A Capstone/Project Design
   •  EDU-601A MA Capstone Project and Portfolio I
   •  EDU-601B MA Capstone Project and Portfolio II
   •  EDU-601C MA Capstone Project and Portfolio III

Educational Leadership for Change

   •  ELC-699 Foundations of Doctoral Study
   •  ELC-721 Critical Reading and Writing
   •  ELC-722 Oral and Digital Communications
   •  ELC-723 Writing Workshop
   •  ELC-724 Systems Thinking
   •  ELC-725 Structural Inequality and Diversity

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