Academic Catalog 2018-2019 
    Nov 20, 2018  
Academic Catalog 2018-2019

All Courses

Course Type Prefix
Continuing Education CE
Clinical Mental Health Counseling CMHC
Couples/Marriage and Family Therapy CMFT
Education EDU
Educational Leadership for Change ELC
Human and Organizational Development HOD
Infant and Early Childhood Development IECD
Media Psychology MSC
Neuropsychology NEPSY
Organizational Development and Leadership ODL
Psychology PSY
Research RES




   •  PSY-739 Special Topics in Psychological Assessment
   •  PSY-740 Special Topics Multicultural Psychology
   •  PSY-741 Special Topics in Legal and Ethical Practice
   •  PSY-742 Special Topics in Social Justice and Diversity
   •  PSY-744 Introduction to Integrated Primary Care
   •  PSY-745 Consultation and Supervision
   •  PSY-746 Psychoanalytic Theory/Therapy
   •  PSY-747 Cognitive-Behavioral Theory/Therapy
   •  PSY-748 Humanistic and Existential Theory/Therapy
   •  PSY-749 Marriage and Family Therapy
   •  PSY-750 Group Psychotherapy
   •  PSY-751 Special Topics in Psychotherapy
   •  PSY-752 Positive Psychology
   •  PSY-753 The Social Psychology of Narrative
   •  PSY-754 The Role of Media in Social Justice
   •  PSY-755 Writing for the Internship Application
   •  PSY-755A Writing for the Internship Application II
   •  PSY-756 Special Topics in Academic Writing
   •  PSY-760 Independent Study
   •  PSY-762 Human Sexuality and Culture
   •  PSY-765 Forensic Psychology
   •  PSY-765A Forensic Assessment in Criminal Cases
   •  PSY-765B Forensic Assessment in Civil Court
   •  PSY-765C Forensic Assessment in Child Custody and Parental Rights
   •  PSY-765D Forensic Neuropsychology Assessment
   •  PSY-765F Malingering and Deception
   •  PSY-765G Evaluations for the Immigration Courts
   •  PSY-765L Forensic Psychology Lab
   •  PSY-766 Special Topics in Media Psychology
   •  PSY-767A Immersive Media: Augmented Reality
   •  PSY-767B Narrative and Digital Storytelling
   •  PSY-769 Advanced Topics in Media Psychology
   •  PSY-770 Special Topics in Forensic Psychology
   •  PSY-771 Legal and Ethical Issues in Media Psychology
   •  PSY-772 Media and the Comparative Identity of Nations, States and Cultures
   •  PSY-773 Media Innovation and Online Education
   •  PSY-774 Neuropsychological Care in Traumatic Brain Injury: Assessment, Rehabilitation, and Advocacy
   •  PSY-775 Asmt- Advanced Forensics
   •  PSY-776 Psychology of Social Media
   •  PSY-777 Positive Psychology in Media
   •  PSY-778 Psychology of Big Data
   •  PSY-779 RCP Comprehensive Exam
   •  PSY-801 Advanced Research: Respecialization Concentration

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