Academic Catalog 2019-2020 
    Dec 12, 2019  
Academic Catalog 2019-2020

All Courses

Course Type Prefix Course Type Prefix
Continuing Education CE                            Neuropsychology NEPSY
Educational Leadership for Change   ELC Org. Dev. and Leadership   ODL
Human and Organizational Dev. HOD Psychology PSY
Infant and Early Childhood Dev. IECD    Research RES    
Media Psychology (MA) MSC           

Other Courses

   •  RES-FFP Filing Dissertation Pending
   •  RES-IRB IRB Approval for Dissertation

Continuing Education

   •  CE-538 Hidden Forensic Evaluations
   •  CE-555 Fielding Conclave Leadership Academy
   •  CE-556 Leadership Fellows Professional Development Residency Program
   •  CE-560 TCOS Team Coaching Operating System® Essentials
   •  CE-764 Hosting World Cafes: The Fundamentals
   •  CE-780 Transformational Customer Experience Leadership

Educational Leadership for Change

   •  ELC-699 Foundations of Doctoral Study
   •  ELC-721 Critical Reading and Writing
   •  ELC-722 Oral and Digital Communications
   •  ELC-723 Writing Workshop
   •  ELC-724 Systems Thinking
   •  ELC-725 Structural Inequality and Diversity
   •  ELC-726 Theories of Change
   •  ELC-727 Overview of Action Research Methods
   •  ELC-728 Introduction to Leadership for Change
   •  ELC-729 Leadership for Change Praxis
   •  ELC-730 Area of Specialization
   •  ELC-731 Area of Research Specialization
   •  ELC-733 Special Topics in Education
   •  ELC-734 Dissertation Research
   •  ELC-736 Dual Language Foundations
   •  ELC-737 Biliteracy Development
   •  ELC-740 Curriculum Development for Teaching and Learning in a Global Society
   •  ELC-741 Ethics, Education, and Law
   •  ELC-742 Organizational Theories
   •  ELC-743 Public Policy and Practice
   •  ELC-744 Management Theories
   •  ELC-745 Community Relations
   •  ELC-746 Budget and Finance
   •  ELC-747 The Community College
   •  ELC-748 Higher Education
   •  ELC-749 Capacity Building
   •  ELC-750 Human Development in Context
   •  ELC-766 Forces of Motivation
   •  ELC-767 Interpersonal Communication and Collaboration
   •  ELC-773 Rethinking Schools and Organizations
   •  ELC-783 Creativity and Problem Solving
   •  ELC-784 Theories of Educational Change
   •  ELC-785 Research Practice
   •  ELC-786 Information Systems and Change
   •  ELC-787 Redefining Curriculum
   •  ELC-788 Theories of Learning
   •  ELC-789 Program Evaluation, Theory, and Application
   •  ELC-790 Cultural Influences in Education and Organizations
   •  ELC-791 Technology, Learning, and Teaching
   •  ELC-792 Child Development
   •  ELC-793 Media Studies
   •  ELC-794 Dissertation in Progress
   •  ELC-795 Final Oral Review of Dissertation
   •  ELC-799 Dissertation Completion
   •  ELC-801 Assessment and Evaluation
   •  ELC-802 Governance
   •  ELC-803 Human Resources Management
   •  ELC-804 Student Services

Human and Organizational Development

   •  HOD-PA Dissertation Proposal Approval
   •  HOD-699 Foundations of Doctoral Study
   •  HOD-734 Dissertation Research
   •  HOD-801 Doctoral Competencies Seminar
   •  HOD-802 Foundations of Inquiry
   •  HOD-803 Praxis with Leadership Focus
   •  HOD-804 Human Development
   •  HOD-805 Foundations of Organization Studies
   •  HOD-806 Systems Approaches to Leadership, Organizations, and Society
   •  HOD-807 Social & Ecological Justice
   •  HOD-810 Portfolio Review
   •  HOD-811 Advanced Human Development
   •  HOD-812 Human Learning and Motivation
   •  HOD-814 Gendered Identities
   •  HOD-815 Transformative Learning
   •  HOD-816 Post Traumatic Growth
   •  HOD-820 Advanced Organization Studies
   •  HOD-821 Organization Development Practicum
   •  HOD-822 Organization Development and Change
   •  HOD-823 Leadership Theories and Methods
   •  HOD-824 Social Psychology
   •  HOD-825 Public Policy and Public Action
   •  HOD-826 Social Change
   •  HOD-829 Praxis II
   •  HOD-830 Creativity and Innovation in Organization Design
   •  HOD-831 Structural Inequality and Diversity
   •  HOD-832 Advanced Systems
   •  HOD-833 Global Systems
   •  HOD-834 Group Dynamics and Team Learning
   •  HOD-835 Intervention Theories and Methods
   •  HOD-836 Culture, Technology, and Social Change in the Digital Age
   •  HOD-837 Ethnography and Crossing Borders
   •  HOD-838 Media, Technology and Disruptive Innovation
   •  HOD-840 Inclusive Leadership: Transforming Self and Systems
   •  HOD-841 Mindful Leadership
   •  HOD-843 Ecological Studies
   •  HOD-844 Leadership for Social and Ecological Sustainability
   •  HOD-845 Social and Ecological Sustainability: Theory and Practice
   •  HOD-846 Intervening in Systems
   •  HOD-847 Theoretical Foundations of Evidence Based Coaching
   •  HOD-848 Organizational and Leadership Coaching
   •  HOD-849 Evidence Based Coaching Praxis
   •  HOD-850 Creative Longevity and Wisdom
   •  HOD-851 Comparative Wisdom Traditions

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