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Academic Catalog 2016-2017 
Academic Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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EDU-584 Instructional Media Production

4 semester credits

Increasingly instructors and teachers are required not just to manage or organize content, but also create it and teach students and colleagues how to create it. As a result, educators need to understand both delivery systems (and their use in learning) AND how to create content appropriate for the various systems we use, including mobile systems. This course explores the basics of designing and developing digital audio, video, graphics, and multimedia for presentations, educational use, and social distribution. Additional topics include digital project based learning and the development and use of games and simulations.
Learning Objective(s):  

1b. Develop and demonstrate skills in online course design and online curriculum development through applied projects and praxis.

1c. Demonstrate ability to select and utilize various instructional media.

1d. Demonstrate digital fluency through the use of emerging technologies and integration of technology into learning including the use of mobile technology.

1e. Select and utilize various Web2.0, social, and emerging applications for online learning.

1f. Demonstrate mastery of the use of asynchronous and synchronous learning management systems.

3a. Develop and demonstrate communication competencies necessary for teaching in a digital environment, including professional etiquette and interpersonal communication skills.

3b. Demonstrate fluency with social networking.

3d. Demonstrate the ability to produce original digital content for use in a presentation, instruction or social media distribution.

4a. Utilize effective practice in ADA/Section 508 for the Web.

4b. Demonstrate mastery of copyright and fair use guidelines.

4c. Identify the implications of technology-based policy in working with underserved populations.

4d. Evaluate policy approaches to privacy, safety, technology use in the classroom, social networking.

4e. Apply ethical assessment practices.

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