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Academic Catalog 2016-2017 
Academic Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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PSY-711A2 Introduction to Psychotherapy: Technique

1 semester credits

This two-day, in-person seminar begins to integrate psychotherapy theories into practice. As a pre-cursor to clinical practica, students learn generic therapy skills through role play exercises. Content includes basic interviewing and relationship skills, managing client engagement and resistance, and developing a theoretical focus for practice. Legal and ethical issues such as contracting, record-keeping and other practical information will be discussed. Students will have the opportunity to explore a preferred psychotherapy orientation.
Pre-requisites: PSY-711A1  
Delivery Method: Blended
Grading Default: Credit/No Credit Only
Learning Objective(s):  

1. Understand how theory informs practice.

2. Continue defining a preferred theoretical orientation to clinical practice.

3. Be familiar with and practice psychotherapy skills related to the three phases of treatment: initiation, action, and termination.

4. Be familiar with contracting, ethical practice, and record keeping.

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