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Academic Catalog 2016-2017 
Academic Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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PSY-702 Developmental Bases of Behavior

4 semester credits

Normal human development across the lifespan is examined in this course. Included are the major theories and contributors to the understanding of emotions, cognition, language, social behavior, moral reasoning, intelligence, sex roles, and identity. Students analyze how different development approaches/models might conceptualize a given topic of interest.
Pre-requisites: PSY-500 , PSY-500A , PSY 525 , or PSY 533  concurrently or completed prior.
Delivery Method: Distance/Electronically Mediated
Note: This course is only open to Clinical or Media PhD students or RCP certificate students.
Grading Default: Letter
Learning Objective(s):  

1. Be familiar with classical developmental models and theorists and their limits and current critiques.

2. Be able to analyze how different developmental approaches/models might be conceptualized and studied.

3. Be aware of the complex interaction between nature and nurture influences across the life cycle.

4. Be familiar with how family structures, gender roles, values, beliefs, and worldviews differ across cultural groups and across identified groups in the United States, and how they affect developmental outcomes.

5. Understand the central processes of human development across the entire life cycle.

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