Academic Catalog 2018-2019 
    Mar 23, 2019  
Academic Catalog 2018-2019
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ELC-726 Theories of Change

4 semester credits
Theories of Change is one of the four courses in the Approaches to Inquiry Learning Area. This course introduces you to ways to understand “change” as a dynamic process that results from both planned and unplanned activity. With this framework in mind, our focus will be to explore how change unfolds in a variety of institutional expressions like education, the media, community, and political organizations, as well as other behavior shaping institutions. Still within this framework, an organizing focus of our work together will be to explore the role of leadership in creating effective change.
Delivery Method: Online
Grading Default: Letter
Learning Outcome(s):
  1. Explains several theoretical approaches regarding how change occurs in social systems and institutions.
  2. Identifies barriers to change and how they might be overcome.
  3. Discusses how several change theories could apply to their potential dissertation research.

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