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Academic Catalog 2022-2023 
Academic Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology, PhD (with optional focus area)

Our generalist degree in Psychology affords students the opportunity to become experts in psychology by conducting psychology research at the doctoral level, learning the breadth of psychological knowledge, and concentrating on a specific area within psychology (e.g., teaching psychology).

The objective of the psychology PhD program is to prepare graduates for careers as full-time faculty at colleges and universities, independent researcher in a variety of settings (universities, research institutes, organizations, etc.), and consultants in psychology. Graduates who are already clinicians can also apply their doctoral level thinking and knowledge to improve their clinical practices. It should be noted that this program does not prepare students for clinical practice nor does it make graduates eligible for psychology licensure.

A pathway master’s is awarded upon completion of the core and research course areas listed below.

Required PhD Coursework:

Effective date: 09/01/2021

Electives, 12 credits

Students choose 12 credits of electives that form an area of focus if not completing a developed focus area.

Dissertation Milestones

18 credits total

Total Semester Credits: 79