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Academic Catalog 2022-2023 
Academic Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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PSY-781 Dissertation Preparation

4 semester credits

Explore and refine research questions and the circumstances that prompted the questions, and/or the relevant psychological research. Examine how you would answer the questions using various research methodologies available to you. Learn the IRB requirements for your proposal. Anticipate and plan how you would analyze your data. Practice communicating your ideas in writing using APA Style. Draft a timeline for completion of your dissertation. Consider your options for a core faculty chair of your dissertation committee.
Pre-requisites: Students must take all other required Core courses and RSS courses before registering for PSY-781 Dissertation Prep. Course can be taken with electives, and must be taken before dissertation.
Delivery Method: Online
Grading Default: Letter Only
Learning Outcome(s):  

Identify a research area for your dissertation.
• Develop a general research question (RQ) based on a combination of psychological theory and research to guide your inquiry.
• Determine the general methodological approach that fits your RQ (quantitative or qualitative).
• Develop a testable research hypothesis (quantitative) or research objective (qualitative).
• Propose a suitable research methodology.
• Draft an initial plan and rationale for analyzing the data that you would collect.
• Draft a preliminary research proposal in APA Style.
• Draft a preliminary IRB proposal.
• Consider your options for Dissertation Committee Chair.

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