Academic Catalog 2020-2021 
    Sep 20, 2021  
Academic Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Campus Safety


Fielding Graduate University is strongly committed to crime prevention and to the safety of the University community. The University considers the personal physical safety of its students and employees necessary for a successful learning environment. It is our hope that a well-informed University community will be a safe one.

The Department of Education collects crime statistics from institutions each fall and makes the data available to the public on these websites: and

Annual Security Report

Fielding Graduate University’s Annual Security Report (ASR) is published annually and updated online on our public website on or before October 1. The ASR covers issues concerning crime prevention, crime reporting, sexual assault, alcohol and drug use, and crimes reported to the University over the previous three years that occurred on campus, in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by the University, and on public property within or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus, as well as other related matters. Campus statistics for crime, arrest and referral include those reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and those University officials designated as Campus Security Authorities.

Students, faculty, staff, prospective employees and interested individuals may also access printed copies of this Report during regular business hours at the Fielding Graduate University Human Resources Office, located at 2020 De la Vina Street, Santa Barbara, California.

Preparation of the ASR and compliance with the Clery Act are University-wide responsibilities. The University requests statistics from local law enforcement with jurisdiction around Non Campus property. The University has very occasional use of On Campus property pursuant to Clery Act definitions.

Campus Security Authorities and Crime Reporting

At any time, a Fielding student, staff or faculty member, or other member of the Fielding community may report a crime to local law enforcement for the jurisdiction they are in and/or the jurisdiction in which the crime occurred by dialing 911. Crimes may also be reported to:

Human Resources Specialist (805) 898-4083
Human Resources Director (805) 898-4018

Campus Security Authorities:

Kristine Jacquin, Dean, School of Psychology
Barbara Mink, Dean, School of Leadership Studies

Core Faculty members, All administrators at the level of Director or above

Staff and Faculty Directory
All members of the Human Resources staff or


Guests and Visitors Policy

In keeping with Fielding Graduates University’s commitment to a safe, academically focused environment, we ask that you observe the following:

  • Presence in the online and physical classrooms is restricted to enrolled students and/or authorized visitors with a legitimate academic purpose. Any individual not registered as a student, employed by Fielding or employed as a contractor is considered a visitor.
  • For physical classes at session, non-registered students, guests, and visitors are expected to sign in at the session desk, may be asked to present a valid government-issued photo ID, and provide a legitimate educational purpose for visiting the session (e.g., pre-arranged visits with admissions advisors, meetings with program administrators or faculty, registration for an event, etc.)
  • For both physical and online classes, Fielding faculty and instructors must ensure that the individuals present in their classes are registered students and/or visitors with a legitimate, authorized, and academic purpose. Guests and/or visitors may not attend a class without permission in writing from the Program Director or Dean. Alumni of the program instructing the class/seminar can be approved by the Program Director, all other visitors must be approved by the Dean.
  • Individuals under the age of 18 entering a Fielding facility must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or adult representative at all times. Fielding Graduate University is not responsible for unaccompanied minors.
  • Guest and visitor conduct is not permitted to interfere with the Fielding Graduate University educational process or our learning environment. Guests and visitors are expected to abide by all operational regulations and guidelines including safety and access restrictions.
  • Fielding Graduate University reserves the right to remove or restrict guests and visitors from its online classrooms and physical facilities who violate guidelines or who cause disruptions to programs, activities, services and/or classes, or for any other reason deemed necessary by the University.

Policy Effective 03/01/2021