Apr 12, 2024  
Academic Catalog 2023-2024 
Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Applied Media Psychology, MA

Renowned for developing the first Media Psychology PhD  program in the country, Fielding faculty cultivate student engagement around the major issues facing media and society. The objective of this program is to train students to apply psychology to the development, use, and effects of media in settings such as education, entertainment, the media industry, health, business and marketing, and public policy. Students join a vibrant online community of scholars and professionals engaged in a theoretical and practical understanding of:

  • Emerging Media: how social media and the Internet have transformed society
  • Neuromarketing: the psychological impact of media on consumers
  • Transmedia Storytelling: engaging customers and audiences across media technology platforms
  • Audience Engagement: the psychology of finding and engaging your audience
  • Global Media: media effects on society, individuals, and cultures
  • Positive Psychology: how media can be used for socially constructive purposes.

From traditional media to today’s digital landscape, media psychologists work in a number of careers where the application of psychology to media and technology make a difference.

Companies recognize the need to apply psychology in organizational communications from HR to Twitter. Marketing is increasingly focused on the power of storytelling and identity as behavioral drivers across platforms. Entertainment tackles the perceptual limitations across multiple screens. Healthcare leverages media to provide care to marginalized and geographically disperse populations. Educators are adapting content to virtual spaces for online education. Media psychology is everywhere.

Alumni of the MA in Applied Media Psychology are eligible for articulated credit  in some of Fielding’s doctoral degree programs.